I am constantly amazed at how animated and talkative people get when you mention food. The mere aroma of certain foods can evoke memories that transport us back to a special place and time. Food can bridge the gap between all ages, races and ethnicities.
Let's face it, the only thing that should ever come between people is a table and some serving bowls.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Black Beauty

                                                                Black Garlic

For all of us who can't imagine life without garlic, there is a new stinking rose in town and she's a beauty......a black beauty. Yes you heard me right, I was watching the Foodnetwork the other night and an ingredient that was being used on one of their shows was; Black Garlic. I know I nearly fell off my chair, why had I not heard of this and where do I have to go to get some. Well it turns out there is a website devoted to this amazing bulb. It almost looks like pieces of shiny black onyx cradled in antique white. I cannot wait to try it, so I am including the link to the website where you may order it direct or find a nearby location that carries it.
I look forward to seeing how it tastes and all the new recipes that I can create with it.
Here is one of the recipes from the website using this new culinary find. If anyone has already tried this please let me know what you thought of it and more importantly....what type of dish you made using it.

Here is another wonderful site for Black Garlic called Black Garlic Love, Thanks Lydia.


• One portion of linguine
• 4 cloves of peeled black garlic – sliced
• A glug of extra virgin garlic oil
• A handful of chopped fresh herbs – chives, parsley and basil
• Freshly grated Parmesan cheese.
• Salt and freshly ground black pepper
• A few slivers of fresh mild red chilli (optional)


1. Cook the linguine according to the instructions on the packet.
2. Once cooked drain thoroughly. Set aside.
3. Heat the garlic oil in the same pan. Add the black garlic, herbs and chilli (if using). Stir.
4. Quickly toss in the linguine. Stir.
5. Season with salt and freshly ground black pepper.
6. Sprinkle with Parmesan cheese. Garnish with a few whole fresh basil leaves.
7. Sit back, relax and enjoy!!!


Lydia said...

Hi! I'm glad you've stumbled onto black garlic! Check out our website for more recipes etc!


Julie said...

Thank you so much Lydia, I actually added the link to the body of the post. What a terrific site, very informative.

joe@italyville said...

I never knew! You DO learn something new every day...

Julie said...

I know Joe and to have it be garlic even better still lol!