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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

"1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8 Schlameel, Schlamaazal Hassenpepper Incorporated"

I came across this recipe for chocolate Pepsi it immediately transported me back to one of my favorite shows; Laverne and Shirley. Laverne’s favorite drink was milk and Pepsi she use to say that the milk took some of the fizz out of the Pepsi and the Pepsi took some of the “ick” (throaty sound?) out of the milk.
Laverne’s version used plain whole milk, this version uses chocolate. I must admit as much as I was curious about the drink when watching the show I never quite got up the nerve to try it. Then the more I thought about it, it dawned on me how silly, most of us have had coke floats or root beer floats at some point in our lives. When the vanilla ice cream melted in the float we still drank the soda, so it would stand to reason that the milk in the Pepsi would give it that same kind of melted ice cream taste. I guess there is only one way to truly find out…… this may take a while!

Chocolate Pepsi

8 oz. Pepsi, very cold
8 oz. chocolate milk, very cold
3 ice cubes

Put 3 ice cubes into very large glass. Add Pepsi and wait until fizz goes down. Slowly add cold chocolate milk. Stir gently, add straw don’t let this sit too long, best when ice cold!


Lidian said...

I remember watching L & S in the seventies but not Laverne's drink - you see, I thought I had invented skim-milk-and-Tab as a drink and I loved it. Do not think I would now. Maybe chocolate milk would be nice though. When I told my kids about this little concoction of mine they were horrified!

Jeena said...

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Rosie said...

Hello Julie, thanks for you lovely comment on my blog and also for calling by! :D Drooling here looking at all your wonderful creations - a wonderful blog!!

Chocolate Pepsi mmmmmm sounds really a yummy drink!!

Rosie x

Julie said...

You are welcome Rosie and thank you.

Julie said...

Hi Jeena I look forward to being part of your Forum.

Julie said...

Hi Lidian, I haven't thought about Tab in a long time.

Tracy said...

Ahhh, Laverne & Shirley ... takes me back to my college days in Milwaukee! But that drink doesn't sound like my cup of tea ... but I do love a root beer float!

Julie said...

I know Tracy, I still can't get myself to try it even with all the logic I tried to interject.

Robyn said...

sounds good! i will definitely try it. might be a way for me to get some calcium too as i am not really a fan of milk.

i love the name of your blog too! here's mine: http://halfassfoodie.blogspot.com

Julie said...

Thanks for stopping by Robyn, I still haven't tried it.