I am constantly amazed at how animated and talkative people get when you mention food. The mere aroma of certain foods can evoke memories that transport us back to a special place and time. Food can bridge the gap between all ages, races and ethnicities.
Let's face it, the only thing that should ever come between people is a table and some serving bowls.

Friday, March 9, 2007

Zucchini Patties

My grandmother makes these at least a couple times a week if not more. My grandmother is a huge fan of bisquick, especially those impossible pie recipes that they have. These are also great made with
Those canned artichokes. My poor grandmother tries to have these as an extra side dish at the dinner table but by the time we’re all done munching they’re just about gone. These taste great hot or cold.

5 tbsp Bisquick
1/2 cup Parmesan Cheese
1/4 tsp Salt
1/8 tsp Pepper
2 Eggs, Beaten
2 tbsp Butter
2 cups Zucchini, Grated

Blend the bisquick, parmesan, salt, pepper. Add eggs. Mix zucchini into batter. Grease hot pan or griddle with butter. Pour batter into pan and fry 3 minutes on each side. Serve warm, a delicious way of serving zucchini. Makes 8 to 10 fritters.


Butta Buns said...

This sounds and looks wonderful! Frying is strictly verboten these days for me but I wonder how they'd turn out in a waffle iron....

MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

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Lisa said...

Ooh, a great new use for the rest of the new box of Bisquick I just bought for World Bisquick Day! (I'm late participating -- my "impossible" pie is going up tomorrow). Anyway, these fritters sound fab.

farmingfriends said...

I am compiling a list of zucchini recipes can I link to this one please? It sounds delicious and simple at the same time.
Sara from farmingfriends

Julie said...

Hi Sara, Please feel free to link to any recipe that you would like. I love your Farmingfriends blog.