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Sunday, April 20, 2008

More Greens For Less Greens

Prices are going up everywhere and for everything and by huge amounts not a penny or two like in the past. Something as simple as the greens that my family and I have regularly enjoyed have hit all time highs. We had already given up purchasing most of our produce at the regular grocery store chains and have been opting for the fresher and much more affordable farmers markets but their hours tend to be limited. One of our favorite greens;” Broccoli Rabe” also known as Rapini has been close to $2.00 a pound in some of our local supermarkets. Recently we had our first Price Rite store open and we have been going crazy with their amazingly low prices. Price Rites Broccoli Rabe has only been .69 cents a pound and the quality has been terrific along with so many of their other products. I got my grandmother hooked she is going every week and I am happy to say that we have been eating Broccoli Rabe on a regular basis.

Broccoli Rabe

2 lbs. broccoli rabe
1/3 cup olive oil
2 cloves garlic, crushed
1 cup chicken broth
1 Teaspoon crushed red pepper
Salt to taste
Grated Parmesan or Romano is optional

Wash broccoli rabe and remove stems. Heat oil and sauté garlic lightly brown, but do not burn. Add broccoli rabe and sauté until soft like spinach, 10 to 15 minutes.
Add chicken broth and cook 20 minutes longer, or until tender. Add crushed pepper and salt to taste.



Lidian said...

I have tried broccoli rabe before but I didn't quite cook it properly, I think, as I did not like it...I am going to try it again, inspired by you!

joe@italyville.com said...

Hi Julie. We love Rabe too.... and cook them just as you mention except we haven't tried the chicken broth. I'll have to give it a try. We also have a friend that takes the stems (the ends we throw away) and boils them until they're tender, then mashes them with mashed potatoes.... haven't tried them but when I do I'll post about it:)

Julie said...

That's a good idea Joe adding the stems to mashed potatoes, I'll have to try that.

Julie said...

Some can be more bitter than others Lidian. Give it another try you may have just got a bad batch.

CW Guy said...

Mixed in with your nice recipe is a good point - prices are rising at an uncomfortable rate. We can only things take a turn for the better, otherwise our diets will certainly suffer as less healthy foods become that which we can afford!

CW Guy
Wine Reviews

Julie said...

Sad but true CW Guy

redmenace said...

Thank you! I love broccoli rabe and am always looking for yummy recipes in which to use it! This will come in handy when my little rabe seedlings grow up!


Julie said...

Enjoy Redmenace, I got a kick out of your blog profile. I am a big eater also.